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As a family-owned business, our priority is the satisfaction of our customers. As such, we treat each one of you as one of our own. We specialize in garages for residential dwellings.

There are several options to choose from when it comes to finding the right door for your needs. The ability to customize your garage door to your home's architecture or decor will be affected by the type of door you choose.


Garage doors are commonly found in steel, carriage house and wood composite.

Our team is able to accommodate a variety of combinations of styles, colours, materials, and hardware to bring your desired vision to reality.

Short Panel

Short panels add a look of volume to your garage. They are panels with small square or rectangular shaped protruding planes. These planes create a repeated pattern.

A raised panel is typically a thicker panel with a levelled edge or other detail cut into the perimeter, also surrounded by a frame.

Short panels are typically chosen for more traditional or classically architectured homes. They are fully customizable in terms of panel colors, window options and hardware accessories.  


Long Panel

Long panels are similar to short panels in the sense that they add dimension to your garage. Similarly, these are panels of small square or rectangle planes which protrude into a repeating pattern. 


Long panels usually complement every type of residential dwelling so there is no sacrificing style for strength, durability and comfort.

Can't decide between long or short panels? Call our experts at 647-708-5111 for a free consultation to be scheduled.

Flat Panel

These doors are also sometimes called "slab doors" as they have no raised or lowered panels incorporated into their design.

They are appropriate in an architectural setting where the home is of a contemporary or post-modern style. They are also a favourite when you want to apply surface coverings of wood or other material to create a special design.

These doors have a perfect understated and subtle quality about them that keeps the focus on the overall design of the home instead of a single aspect.


House Coach

If you are interested in having a tribute to the swing doors of the last century, but place practicality of the forefront of your choices, then house coach doors should be within your realm of consideration.

These doors flawlessly combine two of the most commonly desired elements of residential doors in the sense that they combine rustic charm with day-to-day convenience of overhead garage opening.

These doors are also called carriage doors since they date back to the era of the carriage house, which stored horse-drawn carriages. 

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