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On average, each garage door moves up and over a thousand times per year. This causes vibration and movement, which can loosen hardware.


Since your garage door is the largest moving object used on a daily basis in the home, it is very important that garage door maintenance is performed every three months. If not, issues can occur with performance--which is something to avoid.

Common repairs include broken springs, sensor alignment and calibration, opener repair, and lubrication. It also includes door panel replacement and sometimes even door replacement in whole.


Common Repairs

  • Door Replacement

    • Includes removal of the old door and parts

  • Door Off-Track Repair

    • Service of doors that have come off their tracks

  • Door Spring Replacement

  • Door Opener Calibration

    • Includes inspection, adjustment, & more

  • Door Strut Installation

    • Struts stiffen door section to prevent breakage or bending

  • Door Roller Replacement

    • For rollers that are worn out

  • Door Panel Replacement

    • Includes replacement of a section rather than the whole

  • Door Maintenance

    • A comprehensive evaluation, including adjustments and lubrication

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